Dr. Shaun Murphy– Arlington Heights, IL

Get to Know Dr. Shaun Murphy

Arlington Heights Illinois orthodontist Doctor Shaun Murphy

For over ten years now, Dr. Murphy has enjoyed helping a wide variety of dental patients. She finds his current work as an orthodontist to be highly satisfying! Whether it’s traditional braces or clear aligners, then, you can trust her to “straighten out” your grin. We at Arlington Heights Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry will even tell you more about her. To that end, just keep reading to learn how she can benefit your smile in the long run.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Being an Orthodontist?

For Dr. Murphy, the best part of being an orthodontist is patient satisfaction. She loves giving people straight smiles that make them feel more beautiful and self-confident. For example, she finds the moment patients get their braces off especially delightful. Watching as they react to their newly-straightened grin never seems to get old! Overall, that and similar situations make the work feel truly worthwhile.

Where Did You
Study Orthodontics?

Dr. Murphy’s orthodontic journey started when she was still a dental hygienist. At that time, she got her dental doctorate after extensively studying at Ohio State University. She later attended a residency to further specialize in the field of orthodontics. More recently, her education led her to receive full board certification as a professional orthodontist.

Outside of Work,
What Do You Like to Do?

In her off hours, Dr. Murphy has various hobbies she likes to pursue. The biggest one, for starters, is time with friends and family. (She even has a special fondness for her uncle and grandfather, who were oral and maxillofacial surgeons.) However, other passions of hers include skiing and traveling to the mountains.