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Free Your Child’s Restricted Lip or Tongue

Are you having trouble breastfeeding your child? It may be because they have a lip or Tongue-Tie. Both conditions are caused by an abnormality of the soft tissues, and they can prevent an infant from feeding normally. Sometimes the issue fades with age, but it might also persist to the point that it hinders your child’s ability to eat and speak. Dr. Welke can perform a frenectomy to correct lip and Tongue-Tie so that they no longer get in the way of your child’s growth. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about lip and tongue-tie treatment in Arlington Heights, IL.

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What is Lip & Tongue-Tie?

Crying baby in need of lip and Tongue-Tie treatment

Lip-ties and tongue-ties are caused by the same thing: overdeveloped soft tissues. Normally the tongue and the lips are connected to the mouth by connective tissues called frenula. When a frenulum is too short and/or tight, your child won’t be able to move their lip or tongue freely. Common signs of a lip or tongue-tie include having trouble staying latched while feeding, slow weight gain, irritability, and milk leaking from the mouth. Nursing mothers may also notice discomfort as a result of improper feeding.

What is a Laser Frenectomy?

Laser frenectomy treatment tools

Removing the soft tissues that cause lip and tongue-ties is actually a lot simpler (and less uncomfortable) than you might think. We can perform the procedure using a soft tissue laser that gently cuts away the tissue that isn’t needed. The laser is so gentle that a local anesthetic often isn’t needed at all, and very minimal bleeding occurs thanks to the laser immediately sealing off any blood vessels that become exposed during the process.

How We Help

Baby smiling after lip and Tongue-Tie treatment

Our Chicago Tongue-Tie Center can offer a solution for your child’s restricted lips and/or tongue. During the initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your child’s mouth to determine that a lip or tongue-tie is really present. We’ll consider whether a frenectomy is necessary based on your child’s circumstances. If the procedure does need to be performed, we will give you instructions for preparing your child for the treatment as well as how to take care of them afterwards. Click the link below for more information.

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